Central Heating System

Underfloor Heating PEX Pipe

Approx Price: Rs 55 / Meter 
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Meter
Product Details:
  • Color: White, Orange, Red
  • Size/Diameter: 2 inch
  • Packing: 25 - 500 m/roll
  • Cross-link Degree: Less than 75%
  • Temperature Max: 70 degree C -110 degree C

Underfloor heating hydraulic system transfer the heat into the floor and heat the rooms.

  • Potable water
  • Floor heating
  • Solar energy
  • Radiant heating

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Delhi

Electric Combi Boiler

Approx Price: Rs 35,000 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Brand/Make: SOLWET
  • Usage: House Heating, Home Heating only
  • Highest Temperature: 55 Celsius for Floor heating
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Size: 620 mm x 350 mm x 200 mm

Central heating electric combi boiler for central room heating radiator / underfloor heating and domestic hot water.
Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Delhi

Pex Pipe

Approx Price: Rs 55 / Meter 
Product Details:
  • Application: Drinking Water, Plumbing
  • Nominal size: 1 inch, 3 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Thickness: 1.5 - 4.4 mm

We have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by providing a high quality array of Underfloor Heating Pipe.

  • Spacecraft
  • Computer systems
  • Solar thermal
  • Permafrost cooling
  • Cooking

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Delhi

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Approx Price: Rs 4,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Outlet temperature range: 95 - 115 Degree F
  • Material: Brass
  • Water Temperatue: 0.7 k

Thermostatic Mixing valve for domestic and industrial application to control the hot water flow, mostly used in a solar water heating system, Heat Pumps, Geysers, Boilers and Hot water generators. IN Residential and commercial application.

Manifold Underfloor Heating System

Approx Price: Rs 16,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Voltage: 110 V - 230 V
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Floor Heating Systems
  • Use: Frost prevention in freezers and skating rinks

We are the leading organization in the industry to provide our clients the best quality array of Manifold Underfloor Heating System.

  • Optimum functionality
  • Less maintenance
  • Eco-friendliness



Air Release Valve

Approx Price: Rs 350 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Pressure: Hydraulic
  • Media: Water
  • Use: It protects fire protection systems from air lock and collapse by eliminating excess air

With the assistance of our talented team of professionals, we are providing a high-quality range of Automatic Air Release Valve.

  • Optimum durability
  • Sturdy design
  • Superior finish



Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Approx Price: Rs 2,250 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Size: 15 mm
  • Color: Silver, White
  • Material: SS with PVC
  • Power: Manual

In order to retain our goodwill in this industry, we are providing a latest array of Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

  • Optimum durability
  • Sturdy design
  • Superior finish

  • Ideal for automatic and accurate temperature control of fluids


Safety Valve

Approx Price: Rs 650 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Size: 1/2 inch
  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Golden

Underfloor Heating System

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Square Feet(s) 
Product Details:
  • Heater Material: PVC
  • Size: Customized
  • Voltage: 110V~230V

Being a noteworthy enterprise of this industry, we are offering a wide spectrum of Underfloor Heating System.


  • Eco friendly
  • High performance
  • Longer service life


  • Fully compliant with tomorrow’s sustainability
  • Convenient and reliable solutions
  • Tailoring for any architectural requirement
  • Excellent long-term performance
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • The best indoor comfort you can get

Other details:

  • SOLWET delivers water based underfloor heating, wall heating, ceiling heating as well as cooling systems
  • Due to the low operating temperatures used in radiant heating systems, it is the most energy-efficient way to distribute heat within buildings Low operating temperatures enable optimal efficiency of the heat sources, ideally renewable sources like ground heat or air source heat pump This leads to the lowest possible primary energy consumption and CO2 emission
  • At the same time, radiant heating offers the best comfort to occupants and can even be used for cooling at no additional cost
  • The entire installation is invisible, which gives you freedom for any kind of architectural style

Heat Pumps

Approx Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece 
We introduce our business as a noteworthy organization of qualitative array of Heat Pumps.


  • Long service life
  • Optimum performance
  • Less maintenance

Product Specifications:

Item DescriptionApplicationCOP (Coefficient of Efficiency)Heating CapacityElectricity / Fuel Gas Consumption Price – INR
Heat PumpsCentral Heating Radiator, Underfloor Heating and Hot water Generator – Maximum Temp – 55 Deg C8 Kwatt – 250 Lt/hrAs per Heat Load4 Kwatt1,46,500
12 Kwatt - 325 Lt/hr6 Katt2,62,100
16 Kwatt – 475 Lt/hr8 Kwatt3,36,300
20 Kwatt – 575 Lt/hr10 Kwatt4,50,200
24 Kwatt – 700 Lt/hr12 Kwatt5,75,000
32 Kwatt – 900 Lt/hr16 Kwatt6,50,800
40 Kwatt – 1150 Lt/hr20 Kwatt7,00,500
48 Kwatt – 1400 Lt/hr24 Kwatt8,92,000

Polypropylene Glycol

Approx Price: Rs 308 / Litre(s) 
  • Purity: 100%
  • Color: White
  • Material: PVC

Central Room Heating Radiator

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Certification: CE
  • Coolant Used: Water, Polypropylene Glycol Mix 50:50
  • Tube Type: Seamless
  • Type: Standard

We are a unique name in the industry to provide our prestigious clients an exclusive range of Central Room Heating Radiator.

  • Strong construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Excellent performance

Other Details:
  • Radiant heating is widely accepted as the most comfortable form of heating.
  • Naturally silent it delivers consistent warmth, and as it doesn’t rely on forced air, it provides a gentle ambient form of heat for the whole house

Controllable – Heat where and when you need it:
  • Compared to alternative single-source heating options that may only heat one room (often over heating), Radiator Central Heating is highly efficient and able to heat your whole house.
  • A fully programmable thermostatically controlled Radiator Central Heating system gives you the flexibility to heat the whole house, or heat different rooms, to different temperatures, at different times of the day

Efficient – Delivers high efficiency at all times:

  • The high efficiency ratings of the Smart Boiler (COP – 1.57 to 2.24) means Radiator Central Heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.
  • Water transfers heat at a much higher rate than air, so radiators can heat a room in a matter of minutes.
  • Most importantly, performance is maintained irrespective of the temperature outside, unlike some other heating alternatives


  • Height: 600mm
  • Length: 400
  • Heate output 70/55/20deg-watts: 598

Solwet Central Room Heating System

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Meter 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Meter
Product Details:
  • Heater Material: Steel
  • Size: 600mm X 1200mm
  • Type: 22
  • Thickness: 105mm
  • Media: Hot Water System
  • Application: Room Heating
  • Color: White

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Central Heating System for Hotel and commercial buildings.The process is similar to cooling the air but in this case instead of using a refrigeration plant to cool the air a suitable heater (electric / steam) is used to raise the temperature of the Room.

  • Longer life
  • High strength
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable nature
  • Premium material employed

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Delhi
  • Delivery Time: 1 week

Towel Warmer

Approx Price: Rs 9,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Dimension/Size: 1200/600
  • Color: Steel Crome
  • Brand: SOLWET

Hot water and electric provisional based towel warmers keep cloths and towel dry in winters and monsoon season .. Hot pipes keep towel and cloths fresh and warm.


  • Size – Length 1200, Width 550

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SMT-1018
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Delhi

Underfloor Heating Electric Cable

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Square Feet 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Square Feet
Product Details:
  • Length: 1-24m
  • Power/Voltage: 110V
  • Material Shape: Round Wire

Solwet offer the best quality Heating Cable made of the premium materials. The Heating Cable are efficient enough for under-floor cable. The Heating Cable is insulated properly to ensure total safety. That is why we are counted among the leading Heating Cable manufacturer in India and exporter of Heating Cable by supplying the products of international standard in terms quality, durability and performance.

Underfloor Heating

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Square Feet 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Square Feet
Correct choice of underfloor heating Solwet heating cables for all types of floors. Heating cables can be used under tiles, slate, stone, laminate,parquet, or embedded in the floor.

Heating cables are probably the most effective method of heating a room. The heat is emitted over the entire floor area, considerably improving the indoor climate. The floor temperature can be set 2-3oC lower than the desired room temperature. This can generate energy savings of 10-15%. Use of an efficient thermostat can reduce the energy consumption even further, i.e. up to 25%.

Power output (watt/m2) under tiles, slate, and similar

It is important to lay the cables in such a way that they can respond quickly to temperature changes Depending on what the room is to be used for and how the floor is insulated, 100-150 W/sq.m will be sufficient.

Save up to 25% energy with low profile floor heating.

The Solwet cable mat is suitable for rectangular rooms. Simple and fast to lay, it only raises the floor height by 5mm. The mat is placed in flexible primer or tile adhesive, and the cable must be completely covered.
To avoid cracks and damage, the surface must be stable. Selection of Watt/sq.m depends on how well the floor is insulated.
Laying Heatcom cable mats is simple.

The cable mat is mounted on a dust-free surface using strong double-sided tape. The calculated heating cable area must be equivalent to about 80% of the room’s total area. In combination with the Heatcom programmable thermostat, this is an effective way to save energy.

  • Voltage: 110V~230V
  • Length: 1~24m
  • Power: 160W/M2 or Customize
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